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Heavy Casters – Choosing the Right Heavy Caster Wheels

Heavy casters  are a necessity in many industrial, manufacturing and warehouse environments. They make moving and supporting large objects a breeze, while also improving safety and efficiency.

Choosing the Right Heavy Caster Wheels

The first step to finding the perfect heavy caster for your needs is to determine the weight of your object. This will help you determine the caster’s capacity and whether it is a good fit for your application.

Large Caster Wheels: The Key to Effortless and Safe Transport of Heavy Goods

If your object is a few hundred pounds, you can probably get away with a standard 4″ caster that can support up to 300 pounds. However, if you’re dealing with a machine that weighs over 40,000 pounds, a caster with a higher capacity may be a better choice.

Types of Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy caster wheels are typically made from either steel or nylon. Steel is usually heavier and more durable, while nylon is lighter and easier to handle.

Typical Uses of Heavy Casters

There are several ways to apply these wheels, but they are most commonly found in industrial settings where large machines need to be moved around regularly or with a lot of vibration. These include forklifts, mobile workbenches, concrete mixers and drill presses.

Aeronautical Applications

Aircraft and aerospace companies use heavy casters in the production of new aircraft engines and to move equipment on and off the launching pad. They are also used on hangar doors to allow technicians to open and close them easily.