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Finite Solutions Creates a Smart Home and Home Cinema

With commercial cinemas often full of noisy teenagers and overpriced popcorn, many home entertainment aficionados are looking to create their own dedicated home cinema rooms. Leeds-based Finite Solutions has been helping them realise this vision for over a decade, having fitted the tech in homes for premiership footballers and Saudi Princes. Now, they are launching lower cost configurable smart home and cinema room system packages to cater to a wider client base.

This eye-catching High-Quality Home Theater Design was hewn from the cellar of a London townhouse by Finite Solutions, who designed it to be used for music listening and relaxation, as well as big screen movie action. As with most of their projects, the team opted for a sleek-looking solution to ensure the speakers and hardware were not too visible. This was achieved by using the Linn product stable for all the speakers – Akurate models for front left, right, and center and Majiks for the surround channels. All the audio is boosted and processed by an Anthem AVM 50v processor with ARC room EQ and hi-res decoding.

Immersive Audio: How Finite Solutions Transforms Your Home Theater Experience

A key feature of the cinema was the use of AlphsSorb fabric-wrapped acoustic panels installed around the nine new speakers. Finished in Boysenberry, the panels help to improve voice intelligibility and reduce echoing within the room. The project also incorporated an HDBaseT network, linking the room to the ‘Smart Home’ in the property for lighting control, gate entry, CCTV and security alarms. When it is time for screen time, a simple swipe of a tablet can activate the projection system, lower the blinds and switch the lights to ‘Movie Mode’.