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911 Exterminators – The Importance of Pest Control Maintenance - Shale Field Storie
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911 Exterminators – The Importance of Pest Control Maintenance

pest control maintenance 911 Exterminators

Like maintaining your car or taking care of your health, 911 Exterminators maintenance is critical for a healthy home. Pests are unsightly, can bite or sting and in extreme cases cause serious structural damage to homes and businesses. Pests are also a health threat as they can spread diseases such as rodent-borne hantavirus, rat-bite fever and salmonella.

Pest control prevents disease and damage by removing the food, water, shelter and other factors that pests need to survive. Pest control maintenance involves regular spraying of your home or business with a special type of repellant that mimics spices, odors or predators. It can also include sealing of cracks and crevices to keep out pests. We recommend a schedule of every 1 to 3 months for spraying of your home and every 6 months for cracks and crevices.

Tackling Pest Control Challenges in Urban Environments

Using pest control maintenance services can also help you to save money in the long run. For example, a pest infestation can lead to a costly repair bill for wood rot and structural damage. However, by reducing pests, you will be able to avoid these expenses altogether.

Pests often enter buildings in search of food, water and other factors that are necessary for survival. Moisture control, openings around doors and windows, ventilation systems and electrical wiring can all attract pests to your building, resulting in premature wear and tear on the structure and damage to its interior. Routine pest control maintenance will address these issues so that your home or business is not a magnet for pests and can last longer.

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