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Astrocartography and Money - Shale Field Storie
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Astrocartography and Money

Astrocartography money line is a type of locational astrology that takes your birth chart and applies it to maps of the world. It reveals the lines that run across your chart and identifies places where certain energies are activated, such as those areas of your chart related to money and work.

For instance, if you have the Venus line running through your chart, this could suggest that your best place to make money might be in a place that fosters creativity and love in your life. The Sun line, on the other hand, reveals self-expression and may suggest that you’re a natural leader or communicator. Your Pluto line, on the other hand, is associated with transformation and overcoming challenges.

Unlocking Financial Opportunities: Understanding Your Astrocartography Money Line

These lines, which are also known as axes or asteroids, are labeled with different planets in your birth chart, including your ascendant (AC), IC (Imum Coeli), descendent (DC), and the midheaven or MC. When you’re in a specific place, the energies of the planet connected to that axes or asteroids are active in your life.

As you can imagine, astrocartography is more complex than just a standard natal chart and requires an astrocartographer to decipher it for you. For the sake of convenience, you can book a session with an astrocartographer online who can look at your chart and provide information on where you can tap into different energy zones in your world. Ideally, you should go into the reading knowing what you’re looking for, such as a great job or a place to move and start fresh.

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