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Blue Hawaiian Haze 5 Grams

Blue Hawaiian Haze 5 Grams

Blue Hawaiian Haze 5 Grams of a much-needed vacation are infused into this cannabis strain, which is perfect for easing stress and anxiety. A cross between Blueberry and a Hawaiian sativa landrace, this hybrid from Jordan of the Islands delivers balanced indica and sativa effects. THC levels have been reported up to 20% with one testing at 24%, so start low and go slow to enjoy the full experience.

When smoked, the scent of tropical fruits and flowers, especially pineapple and citrus, are revealed in Blue Hawaiian’s smoke. The taste is similar, with notes of fruity and tropical flavors that are both refreshing and soothing. As buds are broken apart, the aroma becomes more pungent with a lingering smell of beta-caryophyllene and humulene.

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Once smoked, Blue Hawaiian’s effects begin to take hold and a calming and uplifting feeling spreads throughout the body. It may take a few minutes to feel the effects, but once they do, consumers should notice their mood improving and a warm tingle that travels slowly across the body. Some users report psychedelic experiences, such as visual distortions and a sense of time dilation.

With a long-lasting euphoria and an energetic high, this strain is ideal for social situations or creative endeavors. This is a versatile flower that can be consumed day or night, as it does not make smokers sleepy. However, its potency and terpene profile can vary from person to person, so starting small and going slow is recommended for new users.

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