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How to Use an Email Domain Checker

Email verification is the email domain checker that an email address you’re trying to reach actually exists on an email server and is valid. It is one of the best ways to prevent spam, reduce phishing attacks and increase overall email deliverability. It is crucial to ensure that your emails are sent where they need to be and are not being blocked by mailbox providers, email service providers or ISPs.

Email Domain Checker: Your First Line of Defense Against Phishing Attacks

A domain checker is an online tool that helps you detect email problems before they impact your email deliverability and security. These tools scan the email sender’s domain name, and assess its reputation based on its history of being associated with spamming activities or suspicious behavior. They also look for the domain in an email blacklist and report any errors with its DNS record that could be preventing it from being able to receive emails.

Some of the best email domain checker tools include MxToolbox and Talos Intelligence by Cisco. They provide a free, basic version of the service that allows you to monitor your email reputation using just your mail server IP and your domain. The tool will also display how your reputation is assessed on a scale of Good/Neutral/Poor.

Another way to improve your email domain reputation is to use an email validation tool like VoilaNorbert. It is an online email validation service that performs email deduplication, syntax checking and domain verification to ensure your emails are always delivered where they should be. It is used by some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use, and its affordable price is perfect for small businesses.

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