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My College Closed After I Graduated

my college closed after i graduated

If you are worried about the possibility that my college closed after i graduated, you aren’t alone. Many college graduates have had similar experiences. It is possible that you’ve also gotten a notification that your college is no longer operating. The good news is that your academic records are still valid and will not be lost. Here are some things to do if your college closed. Follow these steps to ensure that your college records are still safe.

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Find out if your records will be transferred to another institution. If your college was part of a merged institution, your records will likely be transferred to another. If the college closed, you might be able to get them from an enrollment verification service like the National Student Clearing House. If not, you can contact the Office of Student Assistance and Relief. Some schools may also give you access to transcripts and records through a third-party organization.

If your school is closing, there are many options available to you. Most schools enter into teach-out agreements with nearby colleges. Holy Family College, for example, entered into 15 of these agreements. This means that students can finish their education at another institution, keep their credits, and avoid a closed-school discharge, which is a student loan forgiveness. If you’re planning to go to another school to complete your education, access your academic transcript as soon as possible. Additionally, you can go to the federal student aid website for more information about specific school closures.

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