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Sclera Contacts

Sclera Contacts

If glasses and traditional soft contact lenses no longer provide you with comfortable vision, a custom made pair of scleral contacts may be just the thing to help. These larger rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses are specially designed to vault over the surface of your cornea, covering it and protecting your eye from irritation and infection.

Sclera Contacts that can become dislodged or damaged from movement, scleral contact lenses stay firmly anchored on the front of your eye and are highly stable, even if you have an active lifestyle. They are often designed with a fluid filled reservoir that keeps your eyes hydrated and reduces discomfort associated with dry eye symptoms.

Eerie Elegance: Sclera Contacts for Haunting Effects

During your consultation at Access Eye, one of our board-certified eye doctors will determine if you are a candidate for scleral lens wear. If you are, you will be fitted for a trial lens that we will evaluate for comfort and vision over the course of a day of wear. Your doctor will also train you on how to insert and remove your scleral contact lenses.

Before handling your scleral lenses, wash and rinse your hands with a preservative-free solution or saline. Always be sure to dry your hands with a lint-free towel to avoid having tiny fibers get on your lenses. You should also make it a point to practice placing them in your eye before you start wearing them for real, as these larger contacts can be trickier to handle than standard contacts.

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