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The EPAE Course in Sydney - Shale Field Storie
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The EPAE Course in Sydney

If you’re looking to start an offshore oil rig in the Sydney basin, you need to check whether you need to have the necessary training and experience for the rig before applying. The Environmental Workplace Protection Act (EWP Act) regulates the types of jobs on offshore platforms. If you want to work on a platform in Australia, you need a valid Australian occupational licence (AOIB). To work as an operator on an EWP you will need a permit.

Wondering How To Make Your Ewp Course Sydney Rock? Read This!

The EWP course Sydney is led by the Oil and Gas Registry (OGRM). The course is designed to provide workers with the information they need to safely work a boom-style lifting work platform with a maximum boom length of more than 11m. The training covers the utilisation of EWPs which don’t require a high-risk licence to access the offshore area. The course also covers emergency procedures as well as general safety and hazard management on a working platform. Once you successfully complete the course, you will be provided with a permanent certificate (yellow card) which identifies you as a licensed worksite operator and a location reference number (LPRN).

You will also receive additional training in areas such as safety planning, operations and control, as well as emergency procedures. Once you complete the OGP course Sydney, you can apply for a permanent licence (a high-risk operator licence) that allows you to work in the Sydney basin on any E WP, regardless of its height or boom length. With this additional training, you are able to work safely on any E WP in the Sydney basin, and your employers are required to check that you have a valid AOIB and UK driving licence.

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