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The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

The Real World AI is an online course offering valuable lessons in various aspects of online business and personal development. However, the course is primarily focused on teaching students to use artificial intelligence to create content and make money on YouTube videos. While the course provides useful insights, it is important to pursue one’s own passions and establish multiple revenue streams rather than relying on one source of income.URL :https://www.therlworld.com/

The book is unique in that it covers almost all of the topics you might expect from a general AI textbook: problem-solving and search, logic and inference, planning, probabilistic reasoning and decision making, learning, communication and perception. However, it also includes a number of items that are sometimes missing from such texts: a truly comprehensive index and a series of “Historical Notes” that cover the history of the field in fascinating detail.

Andrew Tate on AI Adoption in Various Industries

Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger is a director of products at Blue Shield of California, working to make health care more accessible and affordable. She has over a decade of experience building technical data-driven products, including in leadership roles at several machine-learning organizations. Her writing has appeared on the web and in print, and she is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. She has a degree in computer science and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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