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Waist Liposuction Before and After Pictures

waist liposuction before and after pictures

Waist Liposuction Before and After Pictures

Liposuction is an waist liposuction before and after pictures excellent cosmetic procedure to reduce stubborn fat that can’t be reduced through exercise and diet. It is also a very effective method of reducing love handles, saddlebags, a double chin and other areas that can make a person self-conscious or even depressed.

Many of our patients in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and nearby areas who have undergone this treatment have walked away with more confidence and self-esteem after their surgery. If you are in the market for a slimmer waistline, it’s important to think about what will be best for your specific needs and goals.

The best candidates for this procedure are men and women who have good skin elasticity and are within 30 percent of their ideal body weight. This type of patient is often motivated to continue working out and eating healthy, but they may have certain troublesome areas that just won’t trim down.

Older Patients Who Need More Tone and Definition to Their Hips and Waist

As the body ages, it can lose collagen, a protein that fills out the frame of the skeleton. This can lead to sagging and drooping in the areas where the collagen was once firm and tight.

This can be treated effectively with a combination of liposuction to the hips and abdomen with dramatic improvements in shape, as is the case with these before and after pictures.

It is crucial to follow the postoperative care instructions of your plastic surgeon, as they will advise on how to recover and maintain results. This includes taking plenty of rest and not doing strenuous exercises or activities for the first few weeks after the procedure, as well as wearing a compression garment to help minimize swelling and encourage fluid drainage.

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