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Womens Jeans

Womens jeans have come a long way since they were first worn, from overalls to the jeans we all know and love today. The styles and cuts for women’s jeans have never been greater, with companies like Vigoss and Silver offering different lengths and fits. Whether you’re short or tall, there’s a pair of jeans that will fit you. Read on to learn more about the history and current trends for women’s jeans.

 History and Current Trends

Mom jeans were popular in the ’90s and feature a high waist, slightly relaxed fit, and long back pockets. Reversible jeans are also available, which feature double-sided construction that lets you wear the same pair of jeans two ways. Reversible jeans have cool stitching and fringe-edged raw edges. You can wear them to a casual night out, on the beach, or when you need a quick change of clothes.

There are sizing guidelines for womens jeans, but sizing can vary depending on brand and country. In general, if you’re buying US-made jeans, add four inches to your waist measurement, and 30 centimeters to the inseam. For European-style jeans, add three inches to your US-size, and so on. Be aware that different styles require different sizing, so make sure to check the waist and hip measurements when shopping.

You can also find womens jeans at Macy’s, which come in various styles and fits. Some of the brands include Levi’s, Celebrity Pink, Style & Co. and NYDJ. If you’re looking for a more dramatic flare leg, opt for Bell Bottom Jeans. Pair these jeans with tie-dyed tops and platform shoes for an eclectic look. Buying jeans for women is a great investment, and the right pair can help you make a statement.

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